Participate in the UPcycle Challenge Fundraiser

Make a difference in Camrose community and participate in our UPcycle challenge fundraiser. Here is how it works.

  1. You take items home from ReStore at anytime throughout the year for free, you just have to fill out an entry form.
  2. Once you have the item at home, you tinker and transform the item to be better then before.
  3. Return the Item to ReStore in the first week of March.
  4. Customer’s at the ReStore vote for the best project, and place bid’s to purchase fundraiser projects till the end of March.
  5. At the end of March votes are tallied and the Giant ReStore Relaxation Cup is awarded to the most liked project
  6. As a thank you for all UPcycle participants hard work Habitat sends out donation receipts for the final silent auction value of the item you created.

The purpose of the contest is to fund raise money to put towards building homes for Habitat for Humanity. By trying something new you will help families build strength, stability and self reliance through affordable home ownership here in Camrose.

Purchase an UPcycle Challenge Project.

When purchasing a project you make a difference, If there is a particular item you would like to see made, print off a picture and submit it into our upcycle project idea box (preferably with max dimensions included). Sometimes our UPcycle participants are looking for great ideas to try, Maybe you will get lucky and get your dream item made!

There is a silent auction of all UPcycle projects starting the second week of March with bid’s closing on the last Business day in March. Come in an check out these unique items in March that you will not see anywhere else.

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