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Novejane Pascua

Before I moved to Canada in 2012, I worked as a nursing assistant in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for four and a half years. I worked with patients with traumatic brain injuries.

In 2010, I decided to apply for a job in Canada with my wished for a better future with my daughter. As of 2016, I was hired as a health care aide at seasons compose and was able to bring my daughter to Canada for good.

One day a friend of mine suggested I look into a Habitat house. I decided to apply and luckily was one of the chosen few to get a house.

Ringgo Mangulabnan

I moved to Canada almost six years ago as I completed my residency and working years in Taiwan.

As soon as I became a permanent Canadian citizen, I brought with me my two sons,Miguel who is now 19 and Manuel 17, three months after the approval of the residency.

After living in Newfoudland for four years, I decided to move to Alberta January 2018. Months later, I found out about the housing projects by Habitat for Humanity. I applied and my application was approved in December.

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