About Our Homes

Our Habitat homes are duplexes that are approximately 1000 sq feet each. They are built in a variety of areas around the City of Camrose. They are built in coordination with many volunteers and community and government partners.

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2018 Builds 

5603 – 50 Ave and 5224 – 42 St


Cindy Olesen

I worked three jobs just to afford our house, bills car and everything else that goes along with raising kids. I worked seven days a week and had little tie to spend with my daughters. I felt guilty every day for not being able to be with them more. But at that point I had no choice. I had no help from my ex husband. My parents have helped me a lot but I get tired of asking.

I know that owning a house comes with its own expenses compared to renting, but I have been learning how to budget and with a lower monthly payment for housing, I would be able to put some away each month for home maintenance and an emergency fund.

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