The Year is 2015

The Builds

The Families

Jomer & Angie Garcia

Partnering with Habitat for Humanity has given us the opportunity to have the confidence in owning a home without having to worry about paying a mortgage beyond our financial capabilities.

We have been given the privilege of spending time where it matters most, raising our family. It encourages us to look forward to giving our kids a better future by providing a safe and comfortable haven where they can grow up.

Working hand in hand with all the staff and volunteers has given us the chance to grow in moral, social, intellectual and emotional aspects of out life and that is something that we aim to pass on to our kids.

Christina Davidson

January 2010, I was laid off from my job at the local newspaper in viking, AB. I applied for numerous jobs and was beginning to lose hope when I was hired on full time at the CRE at the end of August 2010, we found a place to rent, and moved to Camrose in September.

I had know about Habitat for Humanity then. but at the time I did not meet the qualifications. Over four years, I had spent $32 500 in rent… at least a down payment of a house! So finally I decided enough was enough, now eligible, I began the application process for a Habitat Home and was accepted October 21, 2014.

When we were chosen, I remember feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. We feel so very thankful for the opportunity. The idea of actually being a part of the process of helping build our home was also very exciting.The possibilities are endless, we are looking forward to making new memories, building a strong foundation for the future and a much brighter one at that.

Clara Wetzstein

In February 2015, my little family applied to be considered for a homeowner family. It was soon that we were accepted and work began; cleaning, rebuilding, volunteering at ReStore and baking. All to cover our sweat equity. By September 1, 2015 my family was moving into our forever home. The financial benefits and life stability that Habitat for Humanity brings our lives is amazing. Our little family is able to build towards a better, happier future that wasn’t possible before.