The Year is 2010

The Builds

The Families

Birar O’Neil

My name is Briar O’Neil and I have a three year old son, Parker.

After graduating in 2003, I moved to Camrose and worked a few different places and bounced around from home to home. I have been a single mom my son’s whole life and was living in friends’ basements, sharing a room with my son. Rent was too expensive to live on my own. As a single mom or any mom, I’m trying to give my son the best life possible. Sharing a bedroom and living in basements was not my plan but unfortunately was all I could afford.

Thanks to Habitat, Parker now has his own home to grow up in and a place to make memories. Both of us are enjoying our own rooms, all of our space and a nice home we can enjoy.

Linda Korbyl

We family moved to Camrose when I was 14 and as I got older and graduated from high school I started to think about life more and what I wanted out of it. I always knew I wanted to own my own home and raise a family in Camrose. Then, my two boys came along, Dominic and Xander, and there just wasn’t enough money for us to save for a down payment on a house. I tried going to the bank and a few other options but nothing worked out.

I decided to apply for Bethany housing which is for working families, I got accepted for it only I needed to make a little more money. Later, I saw an ad in the paper and started going through the steps to qualify and then proceeded to apply. Soon enough, they called and came over to congratulate me on my first new home. It was a little tough to work full time and do the 500 hours but I had got them done. I learned a lot about what goes into a new home and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to build my own.

I’m very thankful to all the hard work everyone put into our home, a lot of long hours and many, many days. All the donations, help and funding, I would not be were I am and have a home I can call my own.