The Year is 2005

The Builds

The Families

Chris and Anita Sherbanuk

As a former partner family with Habitat for Humanity Camrose, we have an intimate understanding of the values and indeed moral code set forth by this important organizations – decent, affordable homes built out of love, a sense of family, feelings of accomplishment and a need to give back. Another amazing opportunity came to us a few years age… because of the equity that we built our house, we became partners with the owners of a local restaurant.

For us, participating in a Habitat for Humanity build was extremely rewarding and challenging. The opportunity to work alongside a skilled tradesman like Ron Grue taught me something about framing and drywall.

At site of what would be our home, we found ourselves surrounded by builders of diverse backgrounds and levels of skill who knew without a doubt why they were there. Lasting friendships and a sense of family are at the core of Habitat for Humanity because although our own home build has come and gone, we are in a sense still in partnership with Habitat, and they will always be apart of our family.

Donna Shroeder

I don’t think I could have imagined the changes that having a Habitat house would bring my life. With the extra space, I have been able to indulge my love of plants with flowers and a vegetable garden in the yard as well as room for food storage in the basement. I now have space to host my guests and music students more comfortably. I can practice my music with out the fear of disturbing others. Perhaps the greatest gift is that my family and I have an increased sense of safety and confidence, knowing that I have a home of my own.